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Pat Sloan Class

Posted on: September 19, 2010

I was able to take a class with Pat Sloan yesterday. It was an applique class.  I never got to the part where I could put my peices onto my background, but when I do it will be easy.

I had fun, met some very friendly quilters(of course) an learned something new.  All and all a great time.

Plus my grand-daughter came to spend the night.  Of course we had a tea party with Ballerina Barbie  and her little kitty she brings with her.  All the make believe food made of hard plastic is always delicious 😦  .

She has to take her vitimins (I don’t have kids vitimans), so I give her 2 jelly beans, it works.

  Her Mom & Dad went to a flea market , so sh will be going home this afternoon.

I didn’t get any sewing done ( are you surprised)?

Grand-daughter w/ Pat Sloan at Patches Quilting


1 Response to "Pat Sloan Class"

Didn’t you sew in class?? That counts! Love the picture of Pat and Olivia!

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