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Posted on: September 7, 2010

Marian, Charlot, Me Hand made quilt

Me and Jackie II 9/11 memorial on NJ side of river

I was able to drive up to NJ to visisew with a grade school friend.  I is always a blast to be with her and her family.  The 5 days I stayed at her house I brought along a sewing friend.  Needless to say there were sewing machines on the dining room table cutting mats on the kitchen and the ironing board also in the kitchen.  There was room on the livingroom floor to lay a project out( after we rearranged the furniture)  We met her quilting friends who all do there quilting old-school.  Piecing by hand and quilting by hand on a frame. I wish them all good luck.   It was a great chance to show her how to piece nd quilt on a sewing machine!!!  She was so excited was great.  She got up extra early to start to sew, on her machine. 

We were able to visit 2 quilt shops and get new material, always fun for a stack and wack pattern using only 4 squares that are rotated clock wise and make a very unusual flower in the center.

I had a nice ride home Jackie II drove all the way back to MD.  Of course we had to stop at a quilt shop.  Didn’t get anything except candy, that’s also is always good.

Got home to the same old mess.  But on Monday I was able to get my grand-daughter for a few days, that is well hard on the old body, but also much fun.  This time we were ballerinas.  When I was her age I took ballet lessons and for many years after that, so a lot of the lessons came back to mind.


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I LOVE what little I see of the Jane Austin quilt. And I love getting to see Marian! Looks like you all have a wonderful time!

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