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I was able to take a class with Pat Sloan yesterday. It was an applique class.  I never got to the part where I could put my peices onto my background, but when I do it will be easy.

I had fun, met some very friendly quilters(of course) an learned something new.  All and all a great time.

Plus my grand-daughter came to spend the night.  Of course we had a tea party with Ballerina Barbie  and her little kitty she brings with her.  All the make believe food made of hard plastic is always delicious 😦  .

She has to take her vitimins (I don’t have kids vitimans), so I give her 2 jelly beans, it works.

  Her Mom & Dad went to a flea market , so sh will be going home this afternoon.

I didn’t get any sewing done ( are you surprised)?

Grand-daughter w/ Pat Sloan at Patches Quilting


The next post is a mess pics and captions are mixed up .  Maybe someday  soon I will get it right.  I can only hope and pray. Anyhow I hope you like the pics.

Posted on: September 7, 2010

Marian, Charlot, Me Hand made quilt

Me and Jackie II 9/11 memorial on NJ side of river

I was able to drive up to NJ to visisew with a grade school friend.  I is always a blast to be with her and her family.  The 5 days I stayed at her house I brought along a sewing friend.  Needless to say there were sewing machines on the dining room table cutting mats on the kitchen and the ironing board also in the kitchen.  There was room on the livingroom floor to lay a project out( after we rearranged the furniture)  We met her quilting friends who all do there quilting old-school.  Piecing by hand and quilting by hand on a frame. I wish them all good luck.   It was a great chance to show her how to piece nd quilt on a sewing machine!!!  She was so excited was great.  She got up extra early to start to sew, on her machine. 

We were able to visit 2 quilt shops and get new material, always fun for a stack and wack pattern using only 4 squares that are rotated clock wise and make a very unusual flower in the center.

I had a nice ride home Jackie II drove all the way back to MD.  Of course we had to stop at a quilt shop.  Didn’t get anything except candy, that’s also is always good.

Got home to the same old mess.  But on Monday I was able to get my grand-daughter for a few days, that is well hard on the old body, but also much fun.  This time we were ballerinas.  When I was her age I took ballet lessons and for many years after that, so a lot of the lessons came back to mind.

Well like they say “you learn something new everyday”.  Approval button, who would have thought.   I know 1 person who realized my error, Toni.  Thanks for the help 🙂   Today has truely been a “do nothing day”, stayed home did some sewing, messed around with this computer, got frustrated, ate chocolate(feel better now).  Any time now I will find out if my camera makes it home.   I also lost my glasses maybe they will come home too.

So I’m back and getting started again on my blog.   Toni moves to TN, ok dealing with that.  Now she is tell everyone she is now moving her blog to a different site.  Ok I respect her decision.  Just when I thought I could handle navigating  to different places besides mail and Facebook she throws a rock into my mojo.  Okay that is enough about Toni.  She won’t be my best friend today.

I took care of my grand-daughter on Fri. at her house ended up bringing her to my house to spend the night.  Great fun, she is a very smart cutie(not because she is my grand-daughter).

On the way here I had to stop by my favorite quilt show Patches Quilting  in Mt Airy, MD.  I got what I needed, Olivia proceeds to seriously look at the fabrics,  she spotted the Halloween fabric, she spotted Halloween fabric with candy on it.  She Pulls is out and asks to take it home.  I was ecstatic  I started her very young to go to the quilt show and now at the age of 2yrs 9 months she picked out her own fabric (happy, happy, joy,joy)  So with her new found fabric I made her a tote bag with outside pocket. (SURPRISE)  she was uncertain how that happened but very pleased. I took her home to mom,  BUT I forgot BunnyRabbit:(  So I drove back home ( one hr dr.)  picked up BR and drove back to her house  to drop off  BR. And again a 1  hr  dr  back to my house.  My son Jason was quite HAPPY he loves to go for rides in the car.

I also pick up my repaired computer from Gerry, JackieII’s husband.  I forgot to get the power cord another drive to JackieII’s house to get the power cord.  I finally was able to get most of the connections complete,  guess what I would not work.    I got up this morning wheels turning  I had one more  option to try and it worked.  ( I guess you alread knew that)

Posted on: August 5, 2010

Iam off to a bad start with my Blog.  My computer is off being fixed.  I am using my sons and he is leaving to go away for the weekend.  That will turn out to be a good thing because he thinks my camera is on the boat.(I can stop looking high and low day after day.

I’m working on a small charity quilt this weekend. pictures to follow.

I forgot all about blogging but now I am told I have to post pictures for my friend Toni who MOVED AWAY from me of things I do….so here I am.

Missed me?  More pictures to come!

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